*** I will not be in Tokyo from July 11th  to October 8th ***

Daniel Fillit, physical therapist posturologist in Tokyo

Over 30 years experience in chronic or recurrent vertebral and musculoskeletal pains treatment


   Daniel Fillit got his French physiotherapy license in 1980, at the renown school of Physiotherapy in Montpellier (France).

Since 1988 he has developed expertise in posturology and manual therapies next to several reference medical training institutions such as:

-"Centre International d'Enseignement Medical"

-"Societe Internationale de Rehabilitation Vestibulaire"

-"Groupe de Recherche et d'Enseignement en Therapies Manuelles"

-"Groupe Lyonnais d Etudes Medicales"


He has practiced in France until 2003, then in Canada until 2010.

Living now in Tokyo, he is practicing at Yoyogi Paramedi Center, within an interdisciplinary team of expatriate therapists.


Our therapeutic approach


   It is based on the initial osteopathic or posturologic diagnosis, which is essential to avoid common therapeutic failures, especially when it relates to chronic or recurrent pains generated by an undetected postural disorder (about 80% of cases)

  The time dedicated to the anamnesis is specially important, in order to direct the treatment, which is always comprehensive and etiologic. That means our approach does not consist in treating only the symptom, but also correcting the initial dysfunctions the pains have originated from. Those one may be from postural, traumatic, or nutritional origins, among others.


We are using several therapies to recover the altered functions. The most used are:

  • The postural adjustments (see the page dedicated to posturology)
  • Orthopraxy (manual therapy at the standing subject) http://orthopractie.free.fr/
  • Auriculotherapy (see the page dedicated to that therapy)
  • Sensory-motor rehabilitation and vestibular rehabilitation
  • Nutritional tips

   Each treatment is therefore individual and specific of the altered function, and requires usually few sessions.